Humantay Lake: Cusco’s Beautiful Blue Lagoon

Do you have any plans to visit Peru’s Cusco region soon? Did you stumble into a stunning blue lagoon while looking for things to do? Was it so beautiful that it immediately captured your attention? That is the Humantay Lake, one of the most well-known lakes in Peru, and a wonderful day trip from Cusco.

What is the Humantay Lake?

Given its location between the Humantay and Salkantay mountains and its stunning blue-green colors (depending on the time of year you visit). Also known as Laguna Humantay, it is one of the most photographed lakes in all of Peru. It is also a part of the well-known Salkantay Trail Hike, a stunningly beautiful alternative to the Inca Trail.

Humantay Lake: Cusco’s Beautiful Blue Lagoon

How to reach Humantay Lake?

To get to the village of Soraypampa, you must travel about 120 kilometers by road from the city of Cusco. You will be passing through the villages of Limatambo and Mollepata. To reach this stunning turquoise lake from Soraypampa, you would have to trek around two kilometers up the hill. If you select a tour package, however, transportation and breakfast/lunch will be provided.

Humantay Lake: Cusco’s Beautiful Blue Lagoon

How challenging is the Humantay Lake Hike?

While the hike is not especially challenging, its elevation of 4200 meters above sea level makes it hard for those who are not used to high elevations. Therefore, you must spend a few days in the Cusco region getting used to the climate before hiking.

Make sure you stay hydrated the entire hike and bring some cocoa leaves with you because chewing them is said to help with altitude sickness. Depending on your level of fitness, it will take you between one and two hours to finish the Humantay Lake Hike.

You can also rent a horse if you can’t complete the hike on foot. You don’t necessarily need to have any prior riding experience.

Humantay Lake: Cusco’s Beautiful Blue Lagoon

What to expect at Lake Humantay Lake?

Once you get to Humantay Lake, you will have plenty of time to relax in the tranquility of this beautiful lagoon. You can capture the breathtaking view on camera, or participate in a customary offering to the Pachamama.

But if you were thinking of swimming in the lake, the advice would be to think again because Humantay Lake is considered a holy place and the locals might see swimming in it as a disrespect. The waters are also unbearably cold at times, and if try to swim in the lake, guards at the trail’s summit will whistle at you telling you to not try it.

You’ll hike back to Soraypampa after having enough time to take it all in of the shimmering turquoise lake. Most tours will then continue to Cusco after making a stop at Mollepata for lunch.

Also, remember to take warm, cozy clothing for your hike. It would be helpful to have hiking boots and walking sticks. You should also bring sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen to protect yourself from UV radiation at higher elevations. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water and snacks!

Humantay Lake: Cusco’s Beautiful Blue Lagoon

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