San Pedro Market Cusco

San Pedro Market Cusco

San Pedro Market Cusco is an unmissable attraction. There is not only so much to see now, but there is also a lot of history right there in that very place. The market offers a wide variety of everything so you can sample a little bit of the country before returning home. The aisles are busy and there are people everywhere. This market would be a good opportunity for someone in the culinary field to sample all of the great tasting dishes that come from there.

When you plan your trip to the market, you will want to make sure that you reserved enough time to see it from the beginning to the end. You will want to peak over the shoulders of the locals and see what they see and smell what they smell.

San Pedro Market Cusco


At the market, you can see a wide variety of meats, vegetables, and fruits. You can see a wide assortment of chocolates too. Grains, cheese, nuts, and spices are neatly displayed in a wide array of colour. Artisan breads can be smelled close by as they were baked fresh. There is also an assortment of dried fruits to see and purchase. Have you heard of the Peruvian potato? You can find it here at the market, along with medicinal herbs too. The market also houses plenty of stalls where you can try a full three course lunch for just 5 Soles (USD 1.5).

San Pedro Market Cusco

Traveling Recommendations

You will want to travel to the San Pedro Market Cusco on Saturdays; it is on Saturdays that you will see the largest market. It is so large that they extend it out onto the streets. Word of caution, you will want to carry limited valuable when you visit the market. While there are security guards there patrolling, they cannot see everyone. Wallets, cameras, phones, and watches are just some of the items that have been reported missing or stolen at the market.

The market is very rich in history and to see the market is to view the lifestyle of the Peruvians. This trip to the market would be perfect for a nice afternoon when you have nothing else planned. The market is covered but it is opened on both sides and is the same distance equal to three city blocks. You can find the San Pedro market Cusco just west of the Plaza de Armas which is also near the San Pedro Train Station.

San Pedro Market Cusco

Attire Recommendations

Because it is the market, you are most likely going to buy something while you are there. You will want to bring a backpack or bag that will allow you to carry it or put it around you so you can look at items throughout the market. You have to get these items back to your room, so you don’t want to make it too difficult. Dress comfortably for the weather and wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking and sitting down. Some vendors have chairs or stools to sit on while you browse through their stand. This encourages people to buy when they can sit down and take their time.

San Pedro Market Cusco Opening Time

Daily from 0600 AM to 0700 PM

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